Dina is still yapping about ‘Inferno’!

So it’s been a couple weeks since Lindsay Lohan got shitcanned from Inferno, which was slated to be the lamest comeback Hollywood has ever seen. Well, according to the ultimate stage mom Dina Lohan, Lindsay never wanted to play a drug addicted porn star anyway. What, was she afraid she’d be typecast or something?

“The movie is about a drug addict and a porn star … it is hard when you are a serious actor with what she has been through, we don’t need that,” Dina told RadarOnline.com. “Lindsay was disappointed because she really wanted to do it, but she felt that it would not be good for her after what she has experienced. It was hard for her to turn it down, because it was an amazing role.” SOURCE

Considering that Lindsay’s career choices at this point are either “Fuck all” or “Jack shit”, I highly doubt that Lindsay would have turned down the last project in the known world that would actually hire her freckled, washed-up ass. Hell, at this point she’d be lucky if she even made it onto Skating With The Stars at this point. The producers would probably be afraid that she’d try and use her skates to cut lines of coke.

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