Dina Lohan: Stiffed a $4,000 bill at a charity event?

Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is currently still in rehab and as far as we can tell, is actually making strides towards eliminating the personality problems that keep getting her into trouble. Unfortunately, Dina Lohan is pretty happy with how her life is going, and instead of following in Lindsay’s footsteps, she’s getting sued for bailing on a $4,000 bill she racked up at a charity event. Why? Because DINA LOHAN that’s why. TMZ reports …

Chakmakian says Dina left without paying a cent, and he has sent her multiple emails demanding payment … but got no response. So Chakmakian says he’s filing a lawsuit Monday against Dina on behalf of the restaurant for the $4K she didn’t pay. Chakmakian says, “She feels very privileged and entitled because of who her daughter is. She acted like she was doing them a favor by showing up.”

So just assume that this conversation is going down somewhere on the streets of Hollywood …

Dina: Oh crap, they’re onto us, Ginny the Talking Gin Bottle!
Ginny: Why did Lindsay abandon us, mother Dina? It’s so cold without her lips around me.
Dina: Never you mind Ginny. We’re just gonna have to board the first boxcar we can find and get out of this town. It’s the Carvel shakedown of 2010 all over again.
Random passerby: Ma’am, do you realize you’re talking to a bottle of gin with googly-eyes glues to it?
Dina: F**K YOU, I WAS A ROCKETTE! (*Throws Ginny at a telephone pole*) Oh Gawd, Ginny! You’re bleeding! It’ll be okay Ginny, it’ll be okay! (*Licks her off the sidewalk*) So cold …

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