Everything you know about Lindsay Lohan is true!

Lindsay Lohan

Hey, so guess what? You know I, and pretty much everyone else on the web, have been saying that Lindsay Lohan is totally delusional, irresponsible, vindictive, and completely uninsurable? Well, huge shock here, but it turns out she actually IS delusional, irresponsible, vindictive, and uninsurable, according to a brand new report from the New York Post. Man, I bet everyone totally just crapped their pants! And by “everyone”, I mean, like, “no one”.

“To say she’s delusional would be a major understatement,” one former associate tells The Post. “She genuinely seems clueless as to why these things keep happening to her. There is always something, or someone, else to blame.” Dubbed “uninsurable” by the producers of Inferno, who fired her from the Linda Lovelace biopic last year, Lindsay’s latest venture — a $500,000 modeling gig for German designer Philipp Plein — is hanging in the balance. Reports last year claimed the actress was more than $600,000 in debt (her mom, Dina, denied the story), but “cutbacks” are not on Lindsay’s agenda.

“Lindsay gets by on checks from club appearances, and from plugging firms on her Twitter account and Web site,” a Lohan insider reveals. “The amounts are nothing like what she used to command, but she also gets a lot of things for free: she’s not shy of clearing the shelves at a gifting suite. She doesn’t really understand the value of money; she hoards hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shoes and clothes in her apartment, but she won’t sell anything to help clear her debts.”

“If someone disagrees with her, or tells her she’s out of line, she cuts them dead,” the acquaintance says. “She is surrounded by sycophants who are hanging on the coattails of her notoriety; she is still very naïve and trusting and she gets exploited a lot.”

Soooo … she blames everyone else for her mistakes, all her friends are actually just hanger-ons, and the handful of actual friends trying to help her out she basically just fucking cuts off because giving constructive criticism makes you some sort of bitch now that everyone is all up-their-own-ass about being unflinchingly nice. Yup, that just about covers EVERYTHING WE’VE BEEN SAYING FOR THE PAST YEAR. Hey New York Post, where’s our check?

Lindsay Lohan

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