justin timberlake – what goes around…

good evening y’all! i hope everyone is having a chill & relaxed friday evening (it was so fucking cold here today in LA that i actually wore my winter coat from my NYC days…it felt strange to wear it but i needed to…brrr…chilly chillerson!) i don’t know about you but by the time the end of the week comes i’m so ready to collapse…i can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow! gosh i’m such a sleep whore – no one bothers you when you’re sleeping plus i love having crazy dreams – i just need to remember to write them down as soon as i wake up! shame on me…i usually forget them!

anyways (oh man i seriously need to find a different term than ‘anyways’ – i use it all the time!) i’m all in pump mode for justin timberlake…i’m about to burst over the thought of seeing him bring sexy back live – along with ms. pink this coming tuesday! when i first heard JT’s latest album futuresex/lovesounds my favorite track immediately was what goes around – a totally epic song and i can’t wait to see justin bring it on in person! much love to all as always – it’s been a great month so far and some very cool things are on the horizon – please do stay tuned! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

» listen to justin timberlake’s what goes around real player

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