Kids, do not listen to Tila Tequila!

Because Tila Tequila is nothing if not timely, she decided to create a video (which I’m not embedding for reasons I’m about to make perfectly clear) for the It Gets Better project about her own experiences to teach kids not to let bullies make them feel ashamed of themselves.

And here’s why she’s full of shit:

Let me start off by saying that, yes, bullying is a serious issue, and we need to be there for those affected by it. That being said, this is a woman who created a gossip blog for the sole purpose of attacking everyone who she felt wronged her. (For those using the ‘Glass House’ argument: Nothing I write should ever be taken as anything other than comedy. And nothing Tila writes should ever be used as anything other than a loud, obnoxious plea for attention). This is a woman who uses the word ‘faggot’ the way most people use ‘hello’. A woman who faked engagements, pregnancies, miscarriages, suicide attempts, robberies … you get the point. The point is that, yes, life is great and you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel differently, but using false platitudes for the sake of extending your fifteen minutes of fame is bullshit, and these kids who are being bullied and picked on deserve a much better role model then Tila.

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