Leighton Meester’s mom is just terrific!

Leighton Meester

So it turns out while I was silently pretending that Gossip Girl wasn’t a thing (no, I don’t care about Selena or whatsisname, and please stop asking me to care), star Leighton Meester was actually being a pretty cool cucumber by sending her mother $7,500 a month in order to care for her younger brother, who happens to have severe medical conditions and needs tons of care. Except whoops! Turns out her mother may or may not have accidentally spent it all on plastic surgery for herself, and when Leighton sued her in order to get the money back into the right hands, Mama Meester is counter-suing, because she’s a great mother like that!

Leighton Meester’s mom is firing back after her daughter sued her last week — claiming in a new countersuit, Leighton threw her to the ground back in December … “repeatedly hitting her with a bottle.” According to the countersuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, at 2:00 AM on December 11, 2010, the Gossip Girl actress attacked her mom with the bottle and was so crazed she had to be pulled off her mom by her little brother. Constance Meester says it’s true … Leighton sent her $7,500 every month, but that was not out of the goodness of her heart.  It was — Constance claims —  a settlement for all the money she helped make for her daughter. SOURCE

Well congratulations, Constance Meester: you are the worst celebrity mother ever! At least when Dina Lohan funnels money from her daughters, she’s not taking away medical care from a child who desperately needs it while claiming that her daughter, the one person actually caring for the sick kid, beat her. Although come talk to me in a couple months, because it may have changed by then …

Leighton Meester

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