Lindsay Lohan was almost in The Avengers? (Sure she was)

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

The longer Lindsay Lohan‘s OWN docu-series is on the air, the more apparent it is that Lindsay really hasn’t learned jack-sh!t from Oprah Winfrey along with her many attempts (6 times?) at rehab. Or her stalled career. Or that take-down piece about what an insane jag-weed she was to work with on the set of The Canyons (which was seriously one of the worst movies ever, no lie). Learning is not Lindsay’s strong suit is what I’m saying. Anyway, her latest gambit is complaining that she was almost cast in The Avengers, but then wasn’t because her ‘agent’ (or Dina Lohan) didn’t push hard enough. Yes, surely that must be the reason! From The Globe and Mail

Now it can be told: Lindsay Lohan was almost in The Avengers – or at least that’s how she remembers it. On Sunday night’s new episode of the OWN series Lindsay, the controversial actress said that she was up for a role in the 2012 superhero blockbuster, but her manager didn’t push hard enough for her, after which the film’s producers “went with an unknown” for the part. Said Lohan: “If I don’t work in a film, he passes it to [High School Musical star] Vanessa Hudgens, he passes it to one of his other clients…” Most of the online speculation has it that Lohan is referring to the secondary Avengers role of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill, which went to Vancouver native and How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders. Lohan also groused that, “Every day I’m not on a film set, I’m wasting my talent because that’s what I was born – and live – to do.”

I’m guessing she meant she was up for the part of Maria Hill, since Black Widow was taken by Scarlett Johansson well before then. So basically, she just called Cobie Smulders an unknown. Jerk-ass. Except I’m assuming the big reasons Cobie got it over Lindsay was because (A) She worked on a critically-acclaimed and commercially successful TV show for years without ever having any major drama, while Lindsay can’t even do a Lifetime movie without making everyone hate her, and (B) THIS.

That’s right girly. You come after Cobie, you best come correct. #PackYourSh!t

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