Lindsay Lohan’s ankle monitor went off?

Lindsay Lohan

Remember how I said that while Lindsay Lohan was essentially given the equivalent of a month-long beach vacation where absolutely anyone could visit her and she required no drug or alcohol testings, she was going to screw it up somehow? Well she might have screwed it up somehow. The ankle monitor that tracks her to make sure she doesn’t leave the house went off on Monday, but thanks the handjob to the devil, they’re just writing it off as a malfunctioning anklet and giving her a new one.

Probation staffers went to Lindsay’s Venice house, only to find her on the roof of the building sunning herself and reading scripts.  One source connected with the case tells TMZ … it looks like the device may have “missed a signal.” Translation: Lindsay didn’t leave the house and therefore didn’t cheat. Sources tell us the Probation people gave Lindsay new monitoring equipment and that was that. The Probation Department has not formally closed the matter, but one source connected with the case tells TMZ … “It looks like it’s been resolved.” SOURCE

Not that I don’t believe her, but when you consider she can have a constant swarm of enablers walking in and out of her apartment, and this is the same girl who, last year, ended up getting drunk and trying to destroy her SCRAM bracelet… Yeah, I’m not buying it. Seriously, what are the odds that Dina Lohan was standing over her shoulder like one of those little cartoon angel/devils the whole time? “Come on Lindsay, why don’t you take that thing off so we can go out for a couple drinks? The voices came back yesterday. The ones that tell me to kill you so I can be the famous one. Only vodka shuts them up!”

Lindsay Lohan

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