Lindsay’s a free bitch, baby!

Because you just can’t keep a good decent okay alright girl down, here’s Lindsay Lohan out and about after her trip to jail AND rehab, courtesy of TMZ. By the looks of it, she doesn’t have any shank wounds, so I think we can all agree that that’s usually a sign that she was doing something right in jail. And by “something right”, I mean “her roommate”.

And you just know that somewhere out there, Dina Lohan is sobbing uncontrollably in sheer, unstoppable joy. Her meal ticket is free! Woohoo! It’s a good thing too; Who else is she supposed to exploit shamelessly for fame and money? Ali Lohan? Please, that mess won’t even land you on The Wendy Williams Show. Now that Lindsay is out, it’s time for Dina to go back to doing what she does best: enabling her daughter to put herself in terrible situations so that she can make money off of it. Is it too late to award her mother of the year?

In all honesty: RUN LINDSAY. RUN.

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