Lindsay Lohan had a great weekend!

Lindsay Lohan


By now, it should be plenty obvious that when Dina Lohan lets Lindsay Lohan out of her cage and brings her to an all-weekend party complete with drugs, booze and celebs, shit will go down. So, here’s the SparkNotes version of what happened: everyone hates Lindsay and want nothing to do with her, she got kicked out of a Marc Jacobs party, and then she threw a glass at a waitress. Oh, and Lindsay is just shocked, SHOCKED that everyone is talking about that behavior, instead of all the good she did this weekend. Like when she drunkenly made out with her mom. Because she did. TooFab reports:

First, there were reports Lohan and an “ill-mannered pirate” friend threw drinks and french fries at a cocktail waitress Wednesday night during a V Magazine party — where she also allegedly “sucker punched” an innocent bystander. Page Six also reports that Lohan showed up to Marc Jacobs’ after-party Thursday night — a party she wasn’t invited to. While the hotel’s owner escorted into the bash, security approached her moments later and “told her she wasn’t welcome.” Of the reports, Lohan’s rep, Steve Honig, exclusively tells TooFab: “Lindsay attended Fashion Week on business to see the collections, meet with designers, stylists and retailers and fulfill a few appearance commitments. She was extremely distressed at the level of media attention her presence attracted as well all the rumors that abounded during the week. These reports were completely false and made-up by people looking to exploit her for their own benefit and self-promotion.”

Ummm … sweetie? Maybe the media wouldn’t make such a big deal over your every little move if you didn’t do shit like throw drinks or try to crash parties you weren’t invited to. I mean, it’s not like I’ll do a whole write-up on you if you should, I don’t know, invite some friends over for a night of wine, cheese and Scrabble. But if you’re going to go out, act like an insane bitch, and then expect us NOT to jump on the low-hanging fruit? Bitch please. You can’t have your crazy cake and eat it out of your mother’s mouth!

Lindsay Lohan

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