Lindsay Lohan might sue over that surveillance tape!

Lindsay Lohan

Now that Lindsay Lohan may or may not have slipped through the legal system again, mother of the year Dina Lohan says they’re looking to rub it in a little bit more by suing the jewelery store who sold the surveillance video tape featuring Lindsay allegedly stealing the necklace in question.

Dina Lohan told exclusively: “Once again, celebrities are faced with the possibilities of their normal daily activity being filmed and sold without their knowledge and their consent, and our family is looking into formal legal action.” And Dina’s attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, told exclusively:  “I’ve been contacted by the family, and we are investigating the situation and looking into the unauthorized use of an image, invasion of privacy, unjust enrichment, and other possible legal avenues.” SOURCE

Holy mother of crap, it’s official: LiLo is some sort of fucking wizard. There is no other way to explain how the hell she keeps scoring these lucky breaks to get out of whatever dumbass mistake she’s made. Seriously, at this point she could go to court in a bikini and use the gavel as a dildo and the judge would just roll his eyes and go “Well, that’s our Lindsay! (*Laughter, Applause, Credits*)”

Lindsay Lohan


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