Lindsay Lohan to star in a ‘Carrie’ remake?

Lindsay Lohan and Sissy Spacek

Now that Lindsay Lohan‘s back on top thanks to a tittie-flashing cameo in a terrible upcoming film role she stole from Kim Kardashian, there’s apparently a rumor going around that Lindsay’s going to be in a reboot of Carrie. Anyway, author Stephen King mentioned the rumor in passing, saying that it would be “interesting”, which LiLo took to mean she got the part.

In an interview with EW, Stephen King was quoted as saying, “I’ve heard rumblings about a Carrie remake … Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White, hmmm. It would certainly be fun to cast.” Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … she said she was “stoked” when she heard King mention her name and thinks working with King “would be epic.” We’re told Lindsay is a big fan of King’s work and, if the opportunity presented itself, she’d love to land a role in the upcoming adaption of his famous book, The Dark Tower. SOURCE

And of course, “sources close to Lindsay” pretty much means “Dina Lohan, Dina Lohan and only Dina Lohan”, because let’s face it: Only Dina Lohan is delusional enough to believe a passing reference in Entertainment Weekly constitutes a binding legal contract. “Lindsay, look! Martin Scorsese mentioned that time you got high on coke and and flashed your vag to him during the premiere of The Departed! Guess who’s getting an Oscar?!”

Lindsay Lohan and Sissy Spacek

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