Lindsay Lohan to star in a Lady Gaga video?

Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga

So for some reason, Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan have been having sleepovers at Chateau Marmont, which — Can we just talk about this for a moment? Sleepovers are something you have in grade school. Do adults really still have slumber parties? That’s insane. Also, why is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic staying over a bar? Does anyone else feel like that could end on a bad note? These are the things you think about when you’re a rational person who monitors celebs for money. Anyway, allegedly Lindsay has been cast in a new Gaga music video, I say allegedly because … well, read the blockquote from Page Six and we’ll talk below …

Gaga and Lohan have become fast friends and made headlines by hanging out at the Chateau Marmont last month. Gaga posted pics of their encounter — she in a tiara and pearls while Lohan covered her mouth with a French-manicured hand — on her Web site Little Monsters. But, it seems, the collaboration is going a step further. “Lady Gaga and Lindsay caused a stir last month when they had their ‘sleepover’ at the Chateau [Marmont],” a Hollywood insider told us, adding, “and now it turns out that Lindsay will be starring in Gaga’s new video from her upcoming album.” A source close to Gaga said, “Lady Gaga’s not shooting a music video at this time.” Reps for Gaga and LiLo declined comment.

So am I the only reading this as “Dina Lohan saw Gaga and Lindsay hanging out and cartoon dollar signs shot out of her eyeballs?” Because nothing you say could possibly convince me that that isn’t exactly how that happened. “Wait, my daughter? And Lady Gaga? Together? It’s because she’s offering Lindsay a role! I must tell the press! TO THE GIN MOBILE! *Immediately smashes into a maternity center* Who put this baby hospital in my way?”

Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga

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