Michael Lohan is selling Lindsay’s stuff!

Because you totally knew this one was coming from, like a goddamn mile away, Lindsay Lohan is once again pissed at Michael Lohan, this time for … *Shakes Magic 8-Ball* … selling her personal property! Hey, in the grand scheme of things, this is still probably only the fourth or fifth douchebaggiest thing he’s done this month. Just take that into consideration.

In the letter — sent by Lindsay Lohan‘s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley to Michael Lohan‘s rep Lisa Bloom — the Mean Girls star accuses her dad of attempting to sell excerpts of the hand-written diary. The legal letter, dated the day before Lindsay was released from court-ordered rehab, says she had no idea her father had the diary and she did not give him permission to sell or distribute it. According to Chapman Holley, Michael’s grab for cash is “shameful” and Lindsay is “appalled” at his move. SOURCE

Before you start throwing stones, you might want to take a look at Michael Lohan’s agenda for pretty much any given day.

9:00 Wake up next to the famewhore I banged last night who looks exactly like my daughter.

10:30 Breakfast, followed by beating my brother with a shoe.

12:00 Go shopping for Mesh shirts, sell one of my kids into slavery. Where’s Ali

2:00 Make today’s coke money by selling Lindsay’s stuff.

4:00 Build my own rehab Visit coke Dealer.

5:30 Kick a vagina.

6:00 Yell at Dina Lohan for being a bad parent.

6:05 Yell at a kettle for being black.

11:30 Crash car into a tree in coke-fueled bender.

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