Octomom’s topless cover art + charging $$$ for dates

Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman

First things first: Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman released the album artwork for her upcoming dance single “Sexy Party” — I know, I’m just in a puddle with excitement too — so of course she’s topless on the cover. Well, granted, Adam Barta was kind enough to block anything from view, and you can tell from the rosary beads and crosses that this is all good, clean, wholesome fun! From TMZ

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ … the cover art for “Sexy Party” is 100% Madonna inspired. We’re told the pop singer’s “Like a Virgin” style and need to sing about liberation struck a chord with Octo and she wanted to pay homage to that with her album art. Sources tell us … the crosses in the background, the rosary and even Octo baring her boobies (sans nipples) was all in honor of Madge.

Well, trying to be Angelina Jolie didn’t work, so maybe trying to be Madonna will do it! On a note that is completely unrelated to Madge, Octomom is now offering to “go on dates” with men willing to pay upwards of $500. We all know what this really is, so let’s skip to the blockquote from Digital Spy

The move is apparently a last-ditch attempt at earning more money before she is kicked out of her La Habra home, which was foreclosed in June because she couldn’t pay the mortgage. Her dating profile describes how she loves to laugh and work out, with bidding for a date starting at $500. Suleman previously signed up to GoFundMe.com in a bid to raise $150,000 for a down payment on a new home. However, she has so far only attracted $2,509 in donations.

Well, say what you will about these “dates”, but at least she’s actually trying to work for a change. Honestly, this is probably the hardest she’s worked since she got knocked up to begin with. Granted, I’m not about to give her a shiny gold medal because she decided to not let the fourteen kids she had grow up in squalor, but at least she actually has something that could almost be seen as a job.

Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman

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