Octomom in a fetish video? BARF!

So unless today is your first day on the internet (in which case, hello tiny newborn baby! Congratulations on being born and stuff!) you probably know all about Rule 34 by now. For those who don’t, Rule 34 states that if you can think it up, there’s already porn of it on the internet. Case in point: There is now a fetish video featuring Octomom whipping a diaper-wearing man.

The video was shot recently in her L.A. area home. The video shows Nadya Suleman, dressed in a black corset, black leggings and her body is kinda smokin’. Octo whips the dude in the diaper, so much so he has welts on his back. The video is being shopped for sale. We’re told both Nadya and the dude have signed the model release so it can be sold. SOURCE

Interestingly enough, Octomom was on Oprah last week, getting a financial intervention from Suze Orman. I’m not saying that they successfully convinced Octomom to go into porn, all I’m saying is that Oprah has single-handedly ruined internet porn forever. Now what the hell am I going to use the internet for? The instantaneous exchange of ideas and free speech? GUFFAW!

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