Octomom’s porn money got her a house!

Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman

You know what’s weird? It’s been three years since Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman first gave birth to a litter of kids on the off-chance that she might get a reality TV show deal out of it so that she wouldn’t actually have to raise them herself. THREE YEARS. Man, time flies when you’re being a horrifically bad mother. Anyway, after three years of having no back-up plan for raising her kids, Octomom has finally managed to raise the money for a house thanks to making porn. TMZ reports …

After multiple rejections from landlords … Octomom and her 14 kids have finally secured a new place to live … and TMZ has learned, she’s paying for her new digs with PORN MONEY. Sources tell us, Nadya Suleman’s new hatchery is located in Palmdale, CA — and according to the listing, it features 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a 3-car garage … and a massive 14,000 sq. ft. back yard where she can pasture her children. We’re told the backyard also includes a gated pool and spa with a slide and a gazebo. And the entire place is only running her $2,150 a month — gotta love back country California. We’re told Octomom dropped 8 months rent in advance to secure the place, plus a giant deposit — and most of the cash came from her solo masturbation video.

Well, thank heavens she finally figured out that no one will pay you for being a complete dummy, even if it did take her three years. I mean sure, in the space of those three years her many kids have probably been scarred forever, but still, at least now she actually has a job to care for her kids, I’m sure there’s another Octomom porn tape right around the corner. Especially since it seems to be one that you guys oddly can’t seem to get enough of. Yay for people having incredibly low standards for ‘celebrity’ porn!

Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman


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