Paris Hilton vs. Lindsay Lohan?!

Because getting a pair of pretty, blonde has-beens to punch each other for charity is always fun, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have been offered $500,000 each to compete in a celebrity boxing match for charity. God knows Paris has probably taken a couple shots to the face … and then she wiped them off with a towel. RIMSHOT!

Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton have been offered $1 million to fight in a celebrity boxing match, has exclusively learned. Damon Feldman of Hollywood Boxing Federation said his organization would donate proceeds to an anti-drug and alcohol campaign or charity if the reformed party girls agreed to jump into the ring together. “We’re calling it the battle of the bad girls of Hollywood,” Feldman told in an exclusive interview. SOURCE

Damn, this one is just too close to call. On one hand, Paris has funneled so much coke up her nose, you can hit her in the face with a mac truck and she wouldn’t feel a thing. Lindsay, on the other hand, looks like a scrapper. Plus, if you squint a little, Paris sort of looks like Dina, so chances are Lindsay won’t be holding back. “THIS IS FOR GIVING ME A BOTTLE OF JACK DANIELS FOR MY SIXTH BIRTHDAY, YOU WHORE! *PUNCH KICK STAB*

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