Speidi: Now at a strip club near you!

Man, times sure are tough for famewhores, huh? Tila Tequila had to cut the price of her back alley handjobs from $5 to $2.99, Dina Lohan has to pimp out her less famous daughter, and now the two-headed douche-beast know as Speidi have to go to Hustler Strip Club in order to pick up tips for their next act. You know what? Yes. This sounds right.

“Fortunately, we are together,” Heidi told Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Thursday, according to Us Weekly. “It’s been a long summer, and we are together, and I’m so excited to be in Vegas together.” In related news, the former The Hills actress revealed on Sunday that she is conducting research for her new music video by visiting strip clubs. “Going to Hustler strip club want to pick up some tips for my music video I’ll Do It that I am shooting next week,” Heidi Tweeted early Sunday morning. SOURCE

When you consider that Heidi Montag‘s last album was about as popular and well-received as herpes, it kinda makes sense that she would need to pick up a couple tricks at a strip club. Coincidentally, Spencer Pratt also picked up a couple tricks at the club, and then brought them back to his hotel room for two-for-one blowjobs. What? It’s not like he’s doing anything else right now.

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