R.I.P. Lindsay Lohan’s career (1998-2011)

Lindsay Lohan

After news broke recently about Lindsay Lohan getting denied a role in Channing Tatum‘s sexy, sexy stripper movie, news came that it was actually because Steven Soderbergh just flat out could not stand the bitch and didn’t want to have to deal with her. Anyway, according to E! Online, Lindsay’s team is going into damage control asking that he take back what he said about not wanting to have to deal with Crazy McDrugsworth the Third, Esquire.

“Her people called up, begging Steven to say it wasn’t true,” says a source thisclose to SS. “He said no.”

He said no to that request because it is true, of course.

In fact, we hear that Linds was S.S.’s top pick to play the part (he thought she’d be perfect for it), but after approaching the party gal (and her peeps, too) about a potential big screen comeback role, decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Well, no shit he doesn’t want to work with her. No one does. I mean yes, she’d probably be a fine actress if she was willing to act like a responsible, professional adult and work for a reasonable salary as opposed to acting like an entitled twat and demanding ten times more than what she’s probably worth, but HAHAHA! No. She came out of Dina Lohan and then spent the ensuing years being told that she was a special little snowflake and that whiskey would make people love her, so like fuck is that going to happen.

Lindsay Lohan

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