Tina Fey backed out on LiLo’s SNL gig

Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan

You might remember that Tina Fey was the writer of Mean Girls, which basically means she’s the one responsible for making Lindsay Lohan the star she was before Dina Lohan made her the star she is. Which means that for all of Lindsay’s flaws, Tina still stands by her. So you can imagine how bad Lindsay has it when Tina will play the old “oh, sorry, my kids are sick!” card on Lindsay, which I use all the time even though (A) I have no kids, (B) I’m gay and (C) I got a vasectomy just in case. Us Weekly reports:

“Tina was committed to doing the monologue with Lindsay but both of her children got sick,” Fey’s rep tells The New York Daily News. “She was unable to participate as planned.”

Though Lohan, 25, received mixed reviews for her performance, she did give Saturday Night Live a huge ratings boost. It was the second most-watched episode of the show in its 37th season (behind Charles Barkley’s January 7 appearance) and the No. 1 show in its time slot.

Lohan also impressed the comics of Saturday Night Live. “I think she did great. There were a lot of expectations, and I hope we met [them],” Bobby Moynihan tells MTV News. “I think she really wanted to do a good job, and I think she pulled through.”

Look, while I’m still probably the only person out there who thinks that Lindsay really didn’t do that bad a job in her hosting gig, I don’t exactly blame Tina for backing out on Lindsay. Hell, even if Tina’s kids weren’t sick, I wouldn’t blame her, just because there’s really only so far you can suspend your disbelief before the crack antics start to wear you down. Believe me, I’ve been there. You can only drive someone so far around the bend before they need to hop-off.

Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan

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