Yeah, Lindsay may have been drunk too …

So on top of the fact that Lindsay Lohan is, by sheer coincidence, living next to the ex-girlfriend she’s completely infatuated with and may or may not be going to jail for battery. It looks like the police also think that Lindsay was drunk and/or high while she was in rehab.

As TMZ first reported, the PD believes Lindsay committed violations of her probation — apart from the alleged December 12 battery. Sources say the cops believe Lindsay was under the influence of drugs or alcohol — which would be a violation of her probation in the Beverly Hills DUI case. And they believe she violated probation by refusing to submit to a breathalyzer. The former Betty Ford staffer who filed the battery complaint against Lindsay — and then said she didn’t want Lindsay prosecuted — has told TMZ she believed Lindsay was under the influence of alcohol on the night of the incident. SOURCE

As much as I want to believe this isn’t true and for Lindsay to just go back to actually making movies again, part of me does believe this. Think about it: She was pretty much surrounded by her family constantly in that place. At this point, it’s pretty much safe to assume that every time Dina Lohan tilts her head back, an ecstasy pill pops out of her neck.

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