2013 MTV VMAs Fashion: Ciara shines, Rita Ora loses!

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

MTV’s annual Video Music Awards have long been known for being the most fascinating in terms of red carpet fashion (since 1984) and this year’s ceremonies held in Brooklyn, NY was no different.


Danity Kane

OH MY GOD. DANITY KANE IS BACK. I have been praying for this moment since Diddy unceremoniously destroyed them in a fit of rage. Tonight’s reunion announcement (minus D. Woods but we didn’t need her anyway) brought the ladies back to MTV and they look fantastic. It’s fitting that Aubrey O’Day is my favorite because she clearly looks the best. I had to endure years of her looking like a low-budget Vegas stripper to get here. I’m glad she learned from her mistakes.


I want Ciara to win in life. She certainly has the talent to back up a larger career than she has right now. I’ll leave my Ciara defense for another day but I can’t deny that she looked amazing on the red carpet in this vintage Givenchy gown.



Did he even iron his shirt? That’s all I have to say about it.

Erin Wasson

This outfit just reeks of someone who desperately wants attention at an event where she is probably the least known name possible. It looks like black gauze wrapped around a bathing suit. I’m insulted that I even had to look at it.

Rita Ora

I like Rita Ora’s voice. I like Rita Ora’s face. Unfortunately, neither are worthy enough to make her that famous here. There is no reason for her to require three people to maneuver her in this dress. She looks like a peacock that escaped from the zoo and her feathered train is longer than her stay on the charts was.