48th grammy awards!

hey y’all! so i am going to try to update as the show goes down on the west coast – i know it’s delayed here on TV – but i am going to pretend it’s live and not look for any news on the winners…i was watching ‘joan & melissa’ over on TV Guide Channel – and to be honest – they were talking to the most boring people there…

so i went ahead and switched over to E! – where i finally saw some of the people i wanted to see…anyways the show starts soon – so please keep checking back! rock & grammy on!

but oh my GOSH – i just spotted teri hatcher – and she looks so damn weird in her rock & roll get up – i think she made a big mistake – yeah it’s the grammys girl – but you shouldn’t have taken that to heart – im gonna see if i can dig up a picture!

(i did find a picture of ms. hatcher – check it to the left – what is up with her shoes – she looks like a fool – thanks to jjb)


i am blown away by the opening – first off i just adore gorillaz – i named their album one of my top ten from last year – and the song ‘feel good inc.’ was by far my favorite song…so i loved seeing them in all of their cute animated glory – then madonna came strutting out – i loved how they blended the two songs together – madonna sure knows how to put on a great show – she looked incredible – the dancing was super fly – but i will say that some of her live singing doesn’t sound right – but overall she kept it together – she is a decent singer but one kick-ass performer…a great way to start the show for sure!


first award of the night goes to my gal kelly clarkson for ‘best female vocal performance’ for her huge hit ‘since you’ve been gone’ – i used think she was ultra cheesy – but i will say this loud & proud – she has really come so fucking far in the past 4 yrs – and has totally been able to step out of the idol spotlight and claim a slice of the pie for herself…anyways coldplay is on now – and as much as adore & worship lead singer chris martin (aka gywenth paltrow’s hubby) – he so needs a haircut!!! but they truly rock – he is awesome! ok i will be back soon – please forgive any typos – right now i am going at the ‘speed of sound’…


i love how they are having performers talk a little bit before they perform – right now john legend is performing – to be honest i don’t know much about him – or his music – he seems decent – but it’s kinda boring to me right now…


ugh – i do like country a lot but not sugarland…oh and they are having some horrible sound problems!


‘best country album’ goes to alison krauss with union station for the album ‘lonely runs both ways’ – i have always adored ms. krauss – and i think this sounds like one album i totally need to pick up! oh thank heavens a commercial break!


we are back! U2 is up! who doesn’t love bono…one of the best bands ever! and soon they are going to be joined by one of my favorite singing divas ms. mary j. blige…oh here she comes…i love this duet of ‘one’ and it’s featured on ms. blige’s latest awesome album ‘the breakthrough’ – everytime ‘be without you’ comes on the radio i BLAST it – she just rocks – and then to hear her sing on this song! damn she is so cool!


oh david bowie – we love you! a lifetime achievement award is totally deserved – ok here we go for ‘best rap album’ – of course it’s kayne west for his ‘late registration’ album – i do like him but i find him so full of himself that he gets a bit annoying – and oh yeah he had no idea he was going to win – please it was such give-in that he would nab this award…


oh her she goes! kelly clarkson is about to take the stage – she is singing ‘because of you’ – i do prefer her faster songs but i think she will nail the vocals here – good for her! you go on ms. clarkson (i am all about calling everyone ms. tonight!)


gwen stefani looks so adorable – she is glowing! what a great ‘pregnant’ dress…so the grammy for the ‘best rock album’ goes to U2 for ‘how to dismantle an atomic bomb’ – they so deserve it for the kickin’ album the boys made!


wow – we have almost 2 hours to go! and i do have to eat but i will figure something out – my energy is diminishing quickly but i am going to keep on going! i can deal – oh ellen and her mini introduction of paul mccartney – i am not a huge fan – of course he is classic and a living legend – and i do prefer beatles to the stones but i am kinda tuning him out at the moment – i think i should go pee now before i burst!


i am so super impressed by sir paul mccartney‘s second song ‘helter skelter’ (off the beatles 1968 ‘white album’) – he is rocking the fucking house! damn! WOW! WOW! WOW!


jennifer love-hewitt looks so out of place with the black eyed peas at first i didn’t even know who she was but anyways the grammy for ‘best male r&b vocal performance’ goes to john legend for ‘ordinary people’…moving on…he is ok but not my cup of tea…


here she is people – it’s the comback girl of the year – our dear mariah carey – god bless her! i lover her ’emancipation of mimi’ album – what a voice! you go girl and your perfect pitch! she is very on tonight and sounding great! her boobs are totally under control! her hair is awfully long – that must be extensions don’t you think?


ok i do love kelly clarkson but she robbed my siren fiona apple when she nabbed the grammy for ‘best pop album’ for ‘breakaway’ – she so needs to calm herself down…oh my sullen fiona – you won the grammy in my mind!


jenna elfman and her scientologist ways – i just don’t trust those people! i’m sure they are nice – but it is all so very strange to me…here come faith hill who i admit freely that i adore her – and i think keith urban is so damn sexy – nicole kidman found herself a good talented man! (and not a scientologist) i still can’t believe he is from australia – who would have guessed?!?


grammy for ‘best rap/sung collaboration’ goes to jay-z and linkin park – ok i have to eat but i will be back!


ok i ate! and i took some notes!

dave chapelle is still really odd!

• you just got love sly stone!

• who was the hottie singing with fantasia? i am a sucker for guys with tattoos!

ciara sounded great – but even better was the super hot adam levine! damn he is so cute!

will.i.am does a nice solo – but where were the ‘peas’? was fergie in the lady’s room?

aerosmith is so cool – one of my favorite bands!

but oh my gosh the performance with jay-z and linkin park blew me away – and then when they moved the song into ‘yesterday’ and paul mccartney joined them – i don’t know what overcame me but i just burst into tears – that is such a good beatles song – and sometimes i think we all think that ‘yesterday’ was better – it’s tough times for everyone these days – certainly not as carefree as my beloved late 90’s were…ok here comes ‘the boss’! you just gotta love bruce springsteen


U2 nabs the gramy for ‘song of the year’ for ‘sometimes you can’t make it on your own’ – i so thought mariah would have won this – the funny part is when they first stood up they were playing mariah – they quickly turned it off – then they switched to U2 – did anyone else catch that?!?


kanye west & jamie foxx are performing and it looks like very promising entertainment spectacular…it’s cool and they both sound great and i love the song but i am kinda hoping they would take those band costumes off – it was cute at first but i am a bit over it…ah there they go – they switched things up a bit and moved onto a different song…it’s almost 11pm – i am nearing the end of my rope – it’s all fun and games the start…but it quickly declines…


oh i have to walk the dogs soon – but anyways sheryl crow & sting just gave the grammy to green day for record of the year for ‘blvd of broken dreams’ – it’s a great song and i am happy for them – it’s a whole mariah upset tonight – i haven’t seen her at the podium once – oh it’s such high drama for ms. carey tonight!


xtina and herbie hancock are great together – i so can’t wait for her next album – i was never a big fan – but i will tell you stripped is a solid album – so i hope the little lady can pull it off next time around – ok i think i am done for tonight – i am beat & i need to walk the dogs – and at this point i don’t think you or i care anymore…popbytes over & out until tomorrow – so glad it’s thursday! xxoo!

PS grammy for ‘best new artist’ goes to john legend

PSS ok so just one more thing U2 won the grammy for ‘best album of the year’ for ‘how to dismantle an atomic bomb’ – congrats! oh poor mariah – you so know when she lays down tonight – she is gonna be like FUCK! ok i am sooooooooo done!

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