a ‘days of our lives’ sighting!

who watches days of our lives? i have been a faithful fan for almost 15 years now (on-air over 40 years now!) and over the past few months the show its storylines have really sucked big time – the writers keep rehashing the same damn stories over & over again! we’ve all had our fill of ‘sammi, austin, carrie, & lucas’ – that whole bit right now is the lamest – plus that whole ‘dr. alex north’ plot with ‘marlena’ (deidre hall) was the dumbest – i’m so glad they ended that trainwreck of a story! the only characters i seem to remotely enjoy lately are ‘kate’ and ‘lexie’…oh and ‘bonnie’ who isn’t nearly on enough! (rumors are still floating around that NBC will not renew the ‘days’ contract next year)

so getting to my story i was doing a bit of grocery shopping this afternoon over in studio city (a nice change of pace but it was like a fiery furnace over there – so freakin’ hot!) and i spotted real-life couple arianne zuker and kyle lowder (they married in august 2002 – 4 years and still together in hollywood – that’s great) who played ‘nicole walker’ & ‘brady black’ – characters who picked up and left ‘salem’ a few months back – i had to approach ms. zuker and tell her how much we miss her character and that the soap has steadily gone downhill without our dear ‘nicole’! gosh she was always up to something devilish but she also had a vulnerable side that made fans love her and gave her character a little more depth! (her father forced her as a teenager to do porn while drugged…you all know how those daytime soaps go!)

in real-life she was so kind & sweet – dressed casual & sporty she looked so cute! one of those gals who needs no make-up and still looks gorgeous – her hubby was running around shopping so i didn’t get a chance to say hello to him but he looked so different from his time on ‘days’ – kyle had really long hair (see below right pic) and looked quite sexy – much better than when he played straight-laced ‘brady’! arianne said she’s busy audtioning and joked that the writers didn’t kill her character off…so who knows…i think it would do a soap good to bring this sexy lady on (i’m thinking to switch to another one if ‘days’ doesn’t perk itself up) i was also able to give her a popbytes card which i finally printed up a few days ago…so hello to ms. zuker if you made it here! rock & blog on – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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