A defiant Katie Holmes is punished!

good evening everyone! oh what a day i had…first i woke up with a horrible headache and then around 1pm my site was attacked by spammers on both of popbytes’ search & comment scripts causing the site to go down for about two hours! ok let’s just say i was a bit stressed by the situation (truth be told – i was freaking out!) yet everything is back up & running except for comments (sad but true) i’m trying to figure something else out on that end – stay tuned!

anyways here’s the latest cover of STAR magazine which turns the attention to katie holmes & tom cruise this week! recently it seems kate has grown a bit antsy as of late and is ready to get back to work (plenty of other new moms are doing it for themselves!) she’s signed on to do this comedy flick called mad money alongside queen latifah & diane keaton…my prediction is for the flim to be a big flop not providing ms. holmes her desired comeback vehicle (although i was never a huge fan of her as an actor to begin with) and the production already seems to have garnered negative vibes (like my prediction)

mr. cruise will apparently be accompanying his (stepford) bride on set when she heads to louisiana to start shooting! gosh he should let her get out by herself more – what director (this time callie khouri) really wants a star’s spouse on set? too bad kate couldn’t have worked out being in the upcoming (and highly anticipated) ‘batman begins’ sequel from director christopher nolan but there’s one person grateful that tom didn’t want any his wife to have anything to do with the dark knight…yup it’s maggie gyllenhaal who recently nabbed the female lead and will replace ms. holmes – total smart choice! (she’s a new mom too!)

read a little below on the hubbard fun mr. cruise has in store for his lady…she’s about to get a cleansing – sweaty scientology style! (a vegetable oil purge – now that sounds like total good times!) i can’t wait to see if this couple will last – who knows what things will be like when ms. holmes is back up on the silver screen (she’ll probably be sneaking into the batman sequel – cursing cruise for losing out on that role) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

tom is not pleased with katie’s new assertive behavior. she recently signed on to star in ‘mad money’; she plans to take baby suri for the filming which begins in april all the way in shreveport, louisiana. a source explains, “tom probably feels that katie has drifted from the path, (and is asking katie to get) retrained in the ways of scientology.” tom had katie undergo a purification process “to free herself from any emotional problems she may be having” which includes a five hour process of sweating in a sauna to eliminate “poisons” from her body.

if katie was looking forward to a getaway from tom and his controlling ways, she’s out of luck! tom will be joining katie, and his daughter for the mad money filming. katie isn’t breaking free any time soon, whether it’s the guilt from the re-indoctrination, or her fear of losing suri, it looks like katie will obey tom, and continue to undergo the re-training as tom sees fit.

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