a james brown mashup…

good morning! so i emailed my pal DJ paul v. last night – asking him what hot mashup he’d selected for us this week…of course when i woke up this morning and discovered he had picked a james brown mashup – i was thrilled! he always manages to keep things timely & relevant – one thing i’m definitely thankful for this year is paul v’s mashup column! i think everyone will totally enjoy this mashup plus it’s a perfect nod to ‘the godfather of soul’ – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


With the passing of the legendary James Brown this week, I would be remiss to not give the Godfather Of Soul a nod here. Not only was he the most sampled man in hip-hop (both his infamous count-offs & squeals as well as the beats), he inspired countless entertainers. Back in the day, UK duo Coldcut were one of the originators of the cut-up/sample mixes – the basis of what would become the mashup, really. Their Payback Mix remains a classic, and is just about the most ingenious James Brown megamix ever made. RIP, Mr. Funk Soul Brother.

listen to Coldcut vs. James Brown – ‘The Payback Mix’ (.mp3 4.7mb)

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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