a message from greg the bunny

hey everyone! oh i feel like i’ve been gone for so long! i’m trying to gather all my thoughts & feelings on dreamgirls and i’ll be posting those soon! but today my pal greg the bunny wanted me to make sure to remind you all about the final episode tonight over on IFC of his second season of greg the bunny: deranged puppet parodies which tackles mel gibson and american movie (which airs right after GTB) and do stay tuned next week i have fun post in the works for my pal greg! oh i love puppets – and greg is one of the best! you can also pick-up his first hilarious season which is now out on a two disc DVD! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Episode 6 – The Passion of the Easter Bunny: Fabricated American Movie

Hoping to ride on Mr. Gibson’s coattails, Greg decides to direct and star in a biblical epic motion picture. Everything that can go wrong, does. Co-stars Mike and Mark from “American Movie.”

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