A ‘sick’ Katie Holmes collapses!

good morning! although the latest cover of STAR magazine is a little on the over dramatic side (as per usual – let’s not forget it’s a cover designed to sell) i totally believe that katie holmes isn’t well – her body and mind are finally caving in from the pressure of being a scientologist ‘stepford’ wife to tom cruise which must simply be unbearable at times…could you deal with mr. cruise on a 24/7 basis?!? his devilish creepy laugh alone would have me jumping out the window after only a few hours (plus the poor thing doesn’t even seem to have any close friends – her one-time BFF victoria beckham has since moved on)

the magazine has katie (or shall we call her kate?) wasting away as she endures supposed blinding headaches and dizzy spells (and don’t forget baby suri cruise has been missing in action for a few weeks now – it’s all so strange!) i wonder how long she’ll manage to remain being mrs. cruise (or restrain herself from popping a few pills to deal) since i don’t see it lasting forever (does anybody?) besides just being a hollywood couple with the odds already stacked against them – something has seemed seriously off with their (set-up) relationship from the very start (like the fact that katie was like his fourth choice for a bride)

as for the other stories featured this week there’s talk of drama going down between new parents nicole richie & joel madden – they’ve got ‘the truth’ about britney spears‘ TV comeback (which i had zero interest in watching – it’s not my kind of show at all and clips that i did see confirm the fact she shouldn’t pursue more acting…however her appearance did boost the show’s ratings) and last but not least ‘celebrity liars’ jennifer lopez & jen aniston who were caught red-faced (liars liars – pants on fire!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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