a thousand dollars for a kiss

good evening everyone! so tonight i caught a screening of the painted veil – to be honest i wasn’t in the mood for a two hour romantic drama set against cholera stricken china in the 1920s but gosh i loved it – such a classy film! i’ll post more on it next week when it releases! right now i’ll say both edward norton and naomi watts delivered amazing performances – wow!

oh i’ve been so excited to tell you guys about a new sassy book out called a thousand dollars for a kiss written by cindy bokma! many of you probably already know cindy from her kick-ass blog conversations about famous people which she retired (sad but true) but thank heavens she still blogs about books over at conversations with famous writers and about beauty at hello dollface (and yours truly helped design the site header!)

i’ve had the pleasure to get to know ms. cindy through this crazy thing called blogging and we even lunched a few months back and we’ll do it soon again when she hits los angeles to pimp/promote her book! she’s actually a total dollface herself and a talented writer! i can’t wait to get my copy of the book – it sounds like a totally fun & hilarious read! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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