Aaron Samuels thinks Lindsay Lohan should go to jail!

Go To Jail Lindsay

Mean Girls

Fun Fact: it’s been almost ten years since Mean Girls was released and cemented Lindsay Lohan as a promising, up-and-coming leading actress. And then she just bombed. Just imploded. Which is what happens when you’re instilled with the belief that being a celebrity means you can do whatever you want with no repercussions. Lindsay’s Mean Girls boyfriend, Jonathan Bennett, was recently spotted wearing a “Go to jail, Lindsay” shirt, so don’t expect a Cady Heron / Aaron Samuels reunion any time soon. E! Online reports …

The “tell him his hair looks sexy pushed back” actor stopped by PAR-La by DiLascia in West Hollywood Thursday, trying on a gray T-shirt with “Go to Jail Lindsay” written on it. Designer Patrick DiLascia told E! News after posting the pic to his Facebook page: “We had the tee in the window at our flagship store in West Hollywood [Par-La by DiLascia on Santa Monica Boulevard]. Jonathan saw it in the window and ran in and said he had to have it!” Ouch! But seems right in keeping with that ol’ Mean Girls spirit.

Really? Is it that mean? Because at this point, Lindsay’s been given practically every chance in the world, and has found a way to take a huge dump on every single one of them. Saying that a stay in jail would be appropriate and provide Lindsay with some perspective is, at this point, possibly the nicest thing anyone can say about her at this point.

Go To Jail Lindsay

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