about that tomkat story…

oh my goodness! what a wild day it has been! it is so funny (at least i think so) on how i came to post the whole tomkat denial story that appeared on STAR today – anyways i guess it was around 1230pm when i headed home for lunch which is literally a hop skip & jump away from the good ol’ day job – i picked up my usual oh so tasty mac & cheese from lickity split and headed home…i was watching my guilty daytime pleasure starting over when i got an email from a great contact who told me that the tomkat split was not true & the story would soon be breaking on STAR’s website – but to be honest at this point in the day i just hadn’t heard anything about the split to begin with…i was like oh big deal but i guess i will post it anyways…

so then i started having a look around some blogs and i realized that the whole tomkat split story had just broken and was on a bunch of big-time blogs – i realized this was a huge story – i started sweating gossip bullets! i prepped my post and was all ready to go but i still needed the URL to point to about the story – i was checking emails & websites every 5 seconds – my dogs knew something up when i told them to be quiet and that daddy was ‘dealing with something very important’! it was getting late and i had to get back to work – i literally ran between my apartment & work and when i arrived the story was up! phew! i added my link and published the post

people tease me at work for being on celebrity high alert all the time – so when i came back all sweaty & out of breath (it was hot again here today) i told them this was one of the highest alerts ever! i shouted out loud – tomkat are in denial mode – like me some people hadn’t even heard they had split to begin with so it was like ‘tomkat split…no they didn’t!’

now thinking on the story – who the fuck knows what’s really going on with them? my friend gillian quipped they couldn’t have broken up since all that brainwashing was done already…i almost think i would be surprised if they do indeed split – but i learned along with the rest of you guys that we should never ever be surprised or shocked by anything that goes down in hollywood these days…BUT if they do split – i think we can thank katie’s mom & dad for talking some sense into that girl…i can’t wait to see how this one will end – i just pray it doesn’t end like the movie ‘rosemary’s baby’ – oi vey – popbytes over & out until tomorrow – xxoo!

PS check back tomorrow for another juicy story coming your way! this one is a bit outlandish but great for all us gossip mongers…let’s just say for now it involves jessica simpson

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