Adam Lambert: Queen’s new lead singer!

Adam Lambert

Due to their shared love of dressing in drag, singing in falsetto, and having men’s faces shoved into their crotches while they’re on stage (hey gurl!) Adam Lambert has been chosen as the new lead singer of Queen for their upcoming tour. On a completely random side-note, I keep typing “Adam Sandler” for some reason instead of Adam Lambert. Yeah, that douchenozzle. Go figs. TMZ reports:

He’s paid his dues … time after time … and now Adam Lambert says he’s been chosen to replace Freddie Mercury as the new lead singer of the legendary rock band Queen!!!! Lambert KILLED IT with the band when he rocked out a rendition of We Are The Champions with the guys at the American Idol finale back in 2009 … the first time he ever met the band. 30-year-old Lambert explained, “The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f*cking great songs. It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of.

Yeah, I can see this, although nothing will ever top the sheer joy of Shaun of the Dead‘s scene where they choreograph a zombie beating to Can’t Stop Me Now. It makes me squee every time. EVERY. TIME.

Adam Lambert

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