Adam Levine believes in pulling out!

Adam Levine - OUT Magazine

Because today I’m leaning heavily on the celebrity penis to help push some page views (once again, I know what you guys like: famous cocks). So let’s ride this a little longer — teehee! — with this story about how Adam Levine went on The Howard Stern Show and spoke about how he fully endorses pulling out as a means of contraception. Which, when you consider how politicians everywhere are shitting themselves over the idea that women might want their birth control covered by healthcare the way men have their Viagra covered, might actually be the only form of contraception women can use soon. OK! reports:

“This is the longest, most functional relationship I’ve ever been in,” he told Howard on his show. “I don’t want to screw it up.” Anna reportedly came out of the green room to share her version of how she met Adam. The two met when Maroon 5 was hired to play at a party for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. “He thought I was a stuck-up b**** and I kind of thought he was a d***bag musician,” she explained. In a TMI conversation, Adam revealed he uses “a fool-proof birth-control system,” the pull-out method.

Okay, mind you, studies have shown that when executed perfectly, pulling out has a failure rate of only 4%, which compared to the condom’s 2% is pretty good. That being said, pulling out provides little to no protection when it comes to defending against STDs, so I’d still say using condoms are a safer bet. Yes, they don’t feel as good as unprotected sex, but you know what feels even worse? Gonorrhea!

Adam Levine - OUT Magazine

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