Adele has no love for Chris Brown

Adele and Chris Brown

Just in case you were wondering if Adele could get any more impossibly perfect than she already is, the answer is a resounding yes. Yes she can. Last night, after Chris Brown refused to stand up when Frank Ocean beat out Chris for a Grammy, a few people noticed Adele side-eye Chris hard. According to The Sun, Adele went over to Chris afterwards and let that bitch have every last word of it …

When Ocean pipped him to the Best Urban Contempary Album award, the whole audience rose to their feet to applaud him – except bad loser Brown, who stayed planted to his seat in a sulk. As TV cameras focused in on his protest, Adele could be seen across the aisle, glaring in his direction. And when the applause died down, the 24-year-old cornered him for a tense one-on-one. Cameras didn’t pick up Adele’s choice of words – but judging by Brown’s body language, it wasn’t pretty. The 23-year-old held his arms out as open-mouthed Adele let loose.

Let’s see here… Adele is one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed singers of our times, and is widely considered to be one of the nicer celebs out there. Chris, meanwhile, released one of the most critically panned albums ever, got nominated for it anyway, showed up with the woman he beat, and then acted like a spoiled brat? I think Adele won this round.

Adele and Chris Brown

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