Adele to Karl Lagerfeld: Suck it!


As some of you might remember, Karl Lagerfeld recently dropped his dainty little pansy shade on Adele by saying that she was “too fat”, because God forbid anyone should ever have to design clothes for anybody other than a human coat-hanger. Anyway, it seems that Karl has decided to try and clarify his statement, while Adele told him in no uncertain terms which parts of her ass he could kiss. From MTV:

Speaking once again to Metro, Lagerfeld issued a statement about his previous comments. “I’d like to say to Adele that I am your biggest admirer. Sometimes when you take a sentence out of the article, it changes the meaning of the thought. What I said was in relation to Lana Del Rey and the sentence has since been taken out of context from how it was originally published,” he said. “I actually prefer Adele, she is my favorite singer and I am a great admirer of her. I lost over 30 kilos over 10 years ago and have kept it off. I know how it feels when the press is mean to you in regards to your appearance. Adele is a beautiful girl. She is the best. And I can’t wait for her next CD.”

Regardless of what Lagerfeld thinks about the Grammy-nominated pop star, in a new interview with People magazine, Adele opens up about her appearance. “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that,” she said, according to the U.K. edition of Marie Claire.

All right, here’s the thing about anorexic, pin-thin models: designers do not design clothes for skinny women because they believe this is a healthy weight or the ideal standard of beauty. They do it because women with no curves to their body make the dresses look better because there’s nothing to take away from the way it hangs. So it really comes down to the idea that they’re designing size zero dresses for the sake of the dresses themselves, rather than the model. Weird how that works. So I really don’t think Karl can accurately say who is and isn’t too fat.


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