adventures in babysitting remake?!?

good morning! so yesterday when i heard they were going to remake 1987’s adventures in babysitting i cried out loud BLASPHEMY – this is so wrong! the babysitting caper happens to be one of my favorite movies from the 80’s – there is no need to remake this film at all! they can go ahead and make another adventure like this but no one needs to be callin’ it a remake – just leave well enough alone!

there are so many great moments in this film as star elisabeth shue carts the kids (including a young anthony rapp) all over town – i especially love her pal ‘brenda’ (played by penelope ann miller) who is trapped at the bus station and loses her glasses – she is the best! the fact that this is being remade just kills me – someone stop them! to get your stroll down memory lane on – i dug up the final song in the film then he kissed me which you can have a listen to below…popbytes over & out (plus majorly peeved about this situation…)

PS what’s next? remakes of sixteen candles, breakfast club, the outsiders, pretty in pink, st elmos fire, just one of the guys…these films need to be added to a ‘don’t fuck with list’!

» listen to then he kissed me (.mp3 2.4mb)

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