Album Review: Fifth Harmony drop Reflection; remain flawless!

Fifth Harmony Reflections

Fifth Harmony Reflections

After releasing their Better Together EP in 2013, the girls of Fifth Harmony have officially arrived with the girl power-dropping full-length debut studio album, Reflection. I have been listening to this album for over two weeks–and now ready to publicly announce my deep obsession with these ladies. Each song is a possible hit, thanks to the incredible management of Simon Cowell and LA Reid as well as the all-star team of producers including Dr. Luke, JR Rotem and Cirkut. Reflection is overflowing with high-energy, bass-blasting moments that will have you on repeat each time you head out with your friends for a night out painting the town red. Here are a bunch of .GIFs that are an accurate representation of how you’ll feel while going track by track …

Top Down

Rolling down the street with your best friends. Hair done, nails done, everything did.


You just forgot about that boy you broke up with, and you know how good you look. Or you just got a new job, or are working the corner, or both?


You are the CEO of your own life–a force to be reckoned with–no time for the basic. You better work b**ch!

Worth It (featuring Kid Ink)

Setting: You’ve come to the realization that you’re better than everyone. You ARE worth it.

This Is How We Roll

Your best friends are by your side, and you’re taking a moment to realize how lucky you are. BASS DROP. Now hit the dance floor like it’s your job.

Everlasting Love

Whether you are thinking of someone in your life or someone from the past, this song is feel-good. Even if you’re spending Valentines Day with a box of pizza and several bottles of wine, you remain hopeful.

Like Mariah (featuring Tyga)

Another favorite, this track was blessed by sample vocals and writing credits from Ms. Mariah Carey herself. Don’t call it a throwback.

Them Girls Be Like

You’re basically calling out the thirst you see in this world. Put on your shades and shade the classless. #Hairflip


The title track does not disappoint, another personal favorite, which serves its purpose as the leading anthem. You is kind. You is smart. You is important. You are a strong independent queen who don’t need no man.

Suga Mama

Whether he’s a financial moocher, or an emotional one. A CEO has no time for someone giving 30%. Dust yourself off and adjust your crown, Prince Charming will arrive when the time is right.

We Know / Going Nowhere

Two more empowering tracks geared towards the independent female. TLC-inspired, the lyrics are everything you need after a tough break-up.

Body Rock / Brave Honest Beautiful (featuring Meghan Trainor)

With a rhythm sampling from Dirty Dancing, this track is remix ready and bound to get you rocking that body all over the club. Go on girl, werk! Meghan Trainor also joins 5H for the last track on the album, girl power anthem FTW!

What Fifth Harmony lacks in song writing credits and production involvement (shade), they do make up for with this albums brilliant, harmonious flow. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for ANY heartfelt breakup ballads, no dice, 5H made this a strict, stiletto-stomping attempt–a noble one at that–**** stars. Excited to see what’s next for these five ladies! Grab Reflection on iTunes here.

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