Alec Baldwin strikes once again!

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has never exactly been buddy-buddy with the media (See: Exhibit A, Exhibit B) but he was funny in 30 Rock, so let’s all pretend like we’re surprised that he got into fight with a photog again, which lead to this. You cannot tell me that anal intercourse didn’t go down in that moment. Via TMZ

Alec Baldwin has struck again … allegedly … grabbing a photog on the streets of New York in front of several witnesses … and now the NYPD is involved. Sources connected with Baldwin tell TMZ … the photog was the aggressor. A rep for the NYPD tells us … cops have spoken with both the photog and Alec who each admit pushing and shoving each other. We’re told both parties ultimately decided to walk away from the situation without pursuing charges.

Of course, it’s easy to just blame Alec and his massive temper, but honestly? That photographer made a rookie mistake. Everyone knows that if you see the Baldwin in his natural habitat, you simply curl up into a ball and play dead while he makes thinly-veiled homophobic comments about you on Twitter until he deletes it all and blames the press for misconstruing his words.


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