Alex Pettyfer doesn’t actually have that crotch tattoo!

Alex Pettyfer

Hey, remember when actor Alex Pettyfer claimed he had a tattoo that said “Thank You” above his crotch, and then said that L.A. was a cesspool of douchebaggery? Well, now he’s claiming that he was actually misrepresented, and that he loves L.A. and New York and that the tattoo above his junk actually just says “Alex”. I don’t know, I’m going to have to inspect it. Very, very closely.

“You know everyone thinks it says ‘Thank you,'” he told me last night in NYC. So what does the treasure trail tattoo actually say? “It says my name, ‘Alex.’ It’s boring,” he laughed while taking in the Hugo on Greene Street party at the Hugo Boss store. “He [the writer of the story] said that, not me.” Since we all know he’s not a fan of L.A. (he called it a “s–thole”), I asked how New York compares. “I love New York,” he quickly replied, “I love L.A., too. I love both places.” Come again? Because you sure didn’t sound like you were a fan of Hollywood when you called it “socially disgusting.” “I don’t think I was so much misquoted but misunderstood,” he explained. SOURCE

Uh … huh. Okay, so I’m going to grant him the fact that the interviewer probably just yanked out all the boring pieces and kept in the money quotes, and sarcasm and humor do tend to get lost in the translation from spoken word to print. That being said, it’s kind of hard to explain away calling something a shithole. “What, oh that? I meant shit like “Oh man, that song is totally my shit”! Get it? Because it’s awesome? Ha ha ha! Words … words confuse me sometimes. Who wants to see the tattoo over my penis that totally isn’t an obnoxious, sarcastic phrase?”

Alex Pettyfer

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