All T, All Shade: Drag My Wedding

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Quick word: Yes, I missed last week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. If you want my opinion on it, just imagine me cringing for twenty straight minutes. Anyway, here comes this week’s recap for ‘Drag My Wedding,’ which saw the queens turning grooms into brides for a mass wedding onstage. Which queens lived happily ever after, and which queens consciously uncoupled? Well …

Adore Delano [Bottom 2]

Look, we all knew Adore isn’t much of a sewer, which means the final laps of Drag Race were going to be a trial for her, but really? She doesn’t even know how to do makeup for others? Once again, this is Adore’s biggest problem: She knows what she has to do, but operates under the assumption that she can just wing it and emerge on the other side unscathed. Preparation is not Adore’s forte, and the goodwill she built up in the rapping, singing, and selling challenges is crumbling for it. Her bride looked rough, the make-up made her face look like a glazed donut, and the overall look just wasn’t there. She was able to slip by on the strength of her lip synch, but next week’s ball challenge is going to put her through the ringer one last time.

BenDeLaCreme [Top 2]

Once again, DeLa pulls herself out of the hole from a few weeks back thanks to a strong showing and a more balanced approach to the challenge. I thought her bride looked terrifically demure, the dress was lovely, and while there were certain tiny flaws (the amount of white on the upper lip was a bit too much) over all, they had a strong showing. I even have to give DeLa a shout out for pulling together an amazing look for herself. Her ability to create unique looks and characters is going to help her, especially when next week calls for multiple looks.

Bianca Del Rio [Winner]

So condragulations Bianca on your third win! There wasn’t a single flaw on her bride, from the hairline to the makeup to the veil with just the touch of yellow along the trim to match Bianca’s actual dress. Well done all around. The only thing I have to note here is that, well, Bianca was wearing the same dress. Again. Good on her for finding a silhouette that works on her, but she really needs to switch it up a bit, especially since next week is going to see her pulling out three different looks.

Courtney Act [Safe]

Oh look, Courtney was safe again. Go figure. The thing that kills me is that Courtney is super talented, and she has a natural wit and charm to her, but it’s safe. Always safe. She’s consistent, I’ll give her that, but she desperately needs to be shaken out of complacency because it feels like she’s coasting by on the bare minimum. As Ben said, Courtney only wears mascara and lip balm, and she needs to drag it up if she wants to actually win, especially since Bianca and DeLa have been consistently pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. As for her Bride this week, I’m surprised she got off as lightly as she did. The make-up around the eyes was scary, and the taste level on the dress was non-existent.

Darienne Lake [Bottom 3]

The problem with the make-over challenges is that, invariably, one of the client goes into it with an idea that her queens has to work with, and it doesn’t always end well for her. This week, Darienne got a goth guy — who’s a huge fan of the show! — who wants a gothic wedding dress. Personally, I thought Darienne did a great job on his makeup, but the dress needed to look a little more bridal, and Darienne’s own look needed to be more gothic. And like Bianca, Darienne’s inability to diversify her looks might be a hinderance in next week’s ball challenge.

Joslyn Fox [Sashay Away]

Foxy, no! Well, yes. Unfortunately, this week was Joslyn’s time to go, and the fact that she got the most resistant bride to work with was just the icing on the cake. While Joslyn’s bride wasn’t as bad as Adore’s, she was fighting an uphill battle with her guy and just hasn’t been as consistent in her performances as Adore has. At least she got to leave with her dignity intact, which is more than people can say about queens like Magnolia or Gia. Stay foxy, Jos. Womp womp.

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