All T, All Shade: Snatch Game (S6)

RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race

Well, that was fast. Usually, the Snatch Game is held off until there are nine queens, but this year RuPaul’s Drag Race threw us a curveball a bit early by bringing out the yearly ritual a little early. Not that I’m complaining: Snatch Game tends to be the challenge that separates the frontrunners from the also-rans, and this year is no different, setting up the three queens most likely to make it to the end while forcing two of this season’s roughest queens to lip synch for their lives. So let’s see who rose to the top and who drew a … blank.

Adore Delano [Top 3]

There we go, much better! Last week, I lamented the fact that Adore’s greatest weakness was that the poor girl just couldn’t commit to anything, and that her lack of editing or willingness to polish what’s there was holding her back. And what do you know, she rectified that! Mostly. Her Anna Nicole Smith impression was a knock-out, and the fact that Adore idolizes her explains a lot. Her runway look was a bit ho-hum, but at least she cinched her waist! She’s getting there. Slowly, but she’s getting there.

BenDeLaCreme [Winner]

As much as Dela has been trying to distance herself from the Jinkx Monsoon comparisons, she sure can knock out a hell of an impression. Despite some initial nervousness, her Maggie Smith was hysterically funny, and proper antiquated lady was perfectly obtuse about the world around her. And calling RuPaul “Ruple”? Icing in the cake. But if we’re going to distance her from the Jinkx comparisons, we can start with her runway look, which was very Ru and had a phenomenal silhouette.

Bianca Del Rio [Top 3]

Around the time Snatch Game comes around, most of the queens have very clear, established personalities. They also tend to develop very clear, established weaknesses. That’s part of what makes the Snatch Game so special: The heat is now on, and that means the queens are going to have to round themselves out and start covering their weak areas. For Bianca, that means letting down that wall of bitchiness and being nice, and that’s exactly what’s happening with her. She’s softening! And it’s lovely! She can still read a bitch, but she’s also willing to help out where she can, and it’s showing sides of her that really make me like her more. As for her Judge Judy impression? Flawless. Her runway? I liked it. She always looks good, but I kinda figure that because her dress always looks very RuPaul, it might have gotten a bit lost during the runway presentations.

Courtney Act [Safe]

Yeah, it was all right … Oh, you want more? All right fine. Courtney definitely has comedy and wit to her, but her Fran Drescher was really just good. Not great, but good. She took a chance with her accent, and she landed right in the middle. Her runway look was fantastic, but other than that, she’s going to have to step it up on the personality front.

Darienne Lake [Safe]

Like Courtney, she was definitely safe. She was in the upper tier of safe, but still safe. Granted, I’m sure that if she were doing that Paula Deen impression now, she’d have more to work with, but it was still good. Her runway looked super chic, but then again, doesn’t she always?

Gia Gunn [Sashay Away]

Bitter and unfunny. Almost not even worth the time, but I will anyway. I had a talk about this with my friends during our viewing party last night, but if you’re auditioning for Drag Race, you should have an impression in your back pocket the moment you apply. Maybe a back-up impression. Scrapping her Selena for a vacant, flat Kim Kardashian was the kiss of death, but that would be forgiven if she could just pull it off on the runway. But even that sucked! If you can’t look in the mirror and see that your hairline is f*cked and that you’ve glued your eyelashes to your brow, you shouldn’t comment on anyone else’s level of polish. Her exit interview was the most uncomfortably bitter, catty things I’ve ever seen too. Couldn’t have left a moment too soon.

Joslyn Fox [Safe]

I’m a little surprised she got waved through with only a passing mention, because this was phenomenal. I’d almost be willing to say that her Teresa Giudice impression was better than Adore’s Anna Nicole, but that’s just me. Joslyn’s pulling out surprises left and right, and her ability to set up a joke and knock it down with a killer punchline is indicative of either years of training or just a natural flair for funny. She’s shaping up to be this season’s best little surprise, and it wouldn’t shock me if she made it to the top three at this point.

Laganja Estranja [Bottom 2]

Laganja’s biggest weakness has been her inability to come across as natural. She’s a performer, and whether she’s always on or whether she just naturally sounds stilted and forced, it’s not winning her any fans. Like Bianca, this could have been her moment to round herself out and cover her ass; unlike Bianca, she didn’t. Her Rachel Zoe impression was a dull thud, and her runway look didn’t resemble RuPaul in any way. Although I will give her credit: She sent bitter bitch Gia Gunn home. I owe her a drink for that.

Milk [Bottom 3]

For someone whose looks are so campy, and who has such nerve, I thought Milk would kill in the Snatch Game. And yet, her Julia Child was a touch underdone. Not that she didn’t try; I thought her joke about sausage truck showed she was really giving it the old college try, but it never came together. And her coming out in boy drag as werq room Ru… I appreciate the chutzpah it took for her to do that, but I agree with the judges in that she needs to start showing vulnerability. She’s got some serious fashionista instincts in her, but she needs to let down her guard and do something feminine.

Trinity K. Bonet [Safe]

Trinity might come across sometimes as abrasive or defensive, but it always felt like it came from a place of vulnerability and fear rather than her just bitchy. Thankfully, in last night’s Untucked she opened up to the other girls about her HIV status, and it was nice to see her let that guard down. If she’s willing to let herself be vulnerable with the other queens, she’ll be able to focus more on the competition and go further. (Once again: A queen rounds herself out and covers for her weaknesses. It’s the magic of the Snatch Game!) As for her Nicki Minaj impression, it was a bit crunchy. Her runway look was amazingly glamorous though.

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