All T, All Shade: The Glitter Ball

RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race

Ugh … let’s just get to it. The less said about what happened last night on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the better. The girls had to create outfits bedazzled in crystals and stones and whatever. Let’s just see who won and who lost.

Adore Delano [Winner]

Literally the only part of last night I agree with. Adore won, and my gawd did she ever earn it. For someone who didn’t know how to sew in the first challenge, she really turned it around, for three very good reasons: First, she had a pretty low bar set for herself, and she passed astronomically high over it. Second, she overcame her own fears and insecurities to score a well-deserved victory, and that kind of narrative is something Ru just loves. And third, all of her looks were well polished and the characters she created for each one sold them like all get-out. When it came down to it, Adore understood her limitations and was able to figure out a way to work around them using her talent. That’s the mark of a real friggin’ winner.

Bianca Del Rio [Runner Up]

Fair enough. If we’re being honest, nothing she did really wowed me this week, but she has a great technique and knows how to create something that’s well-styled with a grande panache. But the dress was samey, let’s be honest. Sure, the ruffle detail on the shoulder was a nice touch, but even that harkened back to something she established is firmly within her wheelhouse. Thank gawd next week she’s going to show her legs a bit.

Courtney Act [Bottom 3]

I’m amazed she got waved through. Bianca dress may have been a bit deja vu, but what Courtney did for her Banjee Girl and Executive realness looks were standard Courtney, and standard Courtney has about as much excitement as a tablespoon of Miracle Whip. Her main look was really just a piece of fabric wrapped around her with some sparkly red stuff smeared over her forehead. Literally the most exciting part of this was that she didn’t wear a blond wig. Really pushing her boundaries here.

Darienne Lake [Bottom 2]

I honestly do feel bad for Darienne. I don’t think she’s mean or bitchy, so much as she’s been given the loser’s edit. This week did her no favours, as both her Banjee and Executive looks were anything but, and her main dress just looked a little slouchy. I think she’s hysterically funny and talented, but this was a wash.

BenDeLaCreme [Sashay Away]

What. The f*ck. Were they thinking. One of the sticking points for this season has been that the criteria for the judgment feels arbitrary, which makes it hard to take anything the judges say seriously, and makes it hard for the audience to understand why certain queens stay and others go. It also doesn’t help that this year, the judges’ criticism has been less “constructive” and more “how can we make the contestants cry this week?” Which is all to say I disagree. Immensely. Either way, voting for Miss Congeniality opened today, so you know I’m voting for Ben every single day until the contests is closed. As should you, because she got ROBBED.

RuPaul's Drag Race Las Vegas

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