All Snooki! All the time!

Because America just can’t get enough magical leprechaun vagina, Snooki might be getting her own spin-off of Jersey Shore now that everyone in the house hates each other and pretty much refuses to be in the same room with each other without a semi-automatic weapon. Hmmmmm … actually, can that be the premise of Snooki’s spin-off? Call me MTV. I have big plans for you guys now that you’re culturally irrelevant.

“Execs think a show focusing on Snooki will be a bigger hit, so they pushed JWoww out,” the insider tells Us. Says an MTV rep, “We can’t confirm any new Jersey Shore-related programming at this time.” SOURCE

What? But Jersey Shore just wouldn’t be Jersey Shore without The Situation or … Ummmm … Fuck, what’s his name? There’s the kinda chunky guy, and the roided up one, the guy with the stupid hair, the chick with the big tits, the other chick with the big tits, the other other chick with the big tits that everyone hates … Yeah, they all have such stand-out personalities. The show just won’t be the same without them!

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