Amanda Bynes: Skipped court, went shopping!

Amanda Bynes

Ever since Amanda Bynes decided to try and ram her car into every other car she saw in the hopes of creating a Voltron (I’m assuming that’s what’s happening here) she’s been trying to convince everyone that she is not just like Lindsay Lohan. Except today she completely missed a scheduled appointment, a court hearing for her hit and run, because she was out shopping, which is totally something Lindsay never– Oh, wait, Lindsay already did it. Whoops. The Daily Mail reports …

She also stopped in at clothing boutique Ina, where she chatted and smiled with a shop assistant while trying on sunglasses. Meanwhile, a lawyer today entered a not guilty plea on her behalf in a misdemeanor case that accuses the actress of two hit-and-runs. Attorney Richard Hutton entered the plea on Bynes’ behalf during the brief hearing in LA. The actress’ case is due back in court on Oct. 19 and Bynes must be booked on the charges within two days of that hearing.

I’ll give Lindsay one thing here: at least when she completely missed her scheduled appointment, at least it was only for a few ‘work’ things. I don’t think she ever skipped an actual court hearing, so congrats on differentiating yourself for the worse I guess. Something tells me you didn’t really think this one through, did you?

Amanda Bynes

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