Amanda Bynes swears she’s not crazy

Amanda Bynes

When you allegedly get into like eight or so car accidents in the space of half a year, and then get caught behind the wheel smoking a pipe disguised as a cigarette lighter, chances are you’re probably not altogether there. Well, if you believe it, Amanda Bynes isn’t all there anymore, and people reportedly see her getting into entire conversations with inanimate objects. Well not true, says Amanda, and her toaster oven will totally vouch for her sanity! TMZ reports …

Amanda’s friends have been reaching out lately because they want to help her … but she’s telling them to back off because “everything’s fine.” The actress says … the stories about her mental state “are being blown way out of proportion.” She is also telling friends … the picture TMZ posted of her smoking from a drug pipe inside her car (below) is not what it seems. She says she was smoking tobacco … despite the fact that her cup-holders had remnants of what appeared to be marijuana. In other Amanda news … she’s still facing TWO hit-and-run charges, one DUI charge and her license is still suspended. And her car got impounded yesterday.

Just putting this out there, but if she could go around doing the stuff she’s been doing, and still be completely sane, then I’m pretty sure that’s worse than someone who just needs psychiatric help. Seriously, I’m pretty sure it’s a lot worse to be cognitive of the fact that you’re driving around drunk-texting your friends than it is to be out of it, because at least crazy can be treated. Being an entitled asshole who endangers the lives of others? Not really something you get rid of with pills.

Amanda Bynes


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