amanda lepore went down the rabbit hole…

good evening! i’ve always loved the tale of alice in wonderland (which seems to be hot right now with a movie in the works from tim burton (johnny depp will play the mad hatter) and marilyn manson due to play the ‘wonderland’ author in a film called phantasmagoria: the visions of lewis carroll) now conceptual LA-based photographer justin monroe is giving ms. alice (and other fantasy figures) a different spin by photographing them on a sexy & sassy journey ‘into a world of surreal fantasy, sinister humor and visual allegory’ with a new must-have coffee table book called down the rabbit hole (available on november 25th – just in time for the holidays) the book features legendary transsexual amanda lepore (who i adore), the world’s ‘first supermodel’ janice dickinson and model jessica rabbit along with a bunch of smokin’ hot guys (like porn star erik rhodes) get a look at some of the stunning pictures below which are probably not safe for work but they’re pretty tame (i can’t wait to get a look at the entire book…) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

down the rabbit hole | photography by justin monroe
down the rabbit hole | photography by justin monroe
down the rabbit hole | photography by justin monroe
down the rabbit hole | photography by justin monroe
down the rabbit hole | photography by justin monroe

your book features such divas and starlets as janice dickinson and amanda lepore. they’re both two very dynamic women. what was it like working with each of them?

its like the lion and the lamb. janice is a powerhouse of a woman and a talent, so she would be my lioness. cats scratch, claw, and sometimes bite, and so does janice, but when she is on the set, she is ready for business. her work-horse ethic and determination is why she was coined, ‘world’s first supermodel.’ janice is not messing around. her fierceness is why i chose her for my book. amanda, my lamb, is like shooting a beauty
from an old hollywood movie. she brings class and poise to the set of which i have never seen. but do not be fooled. she can take you there and back. amanda is a true chameleon. she can take on any chair actor, and serve you back a masterpiece.

some people say that amanda lepore is like a human palette, in that she can shape-shift her looks drastically. did you find this to hold true?

not only her looks, but her entire demeanor from one shot to the next. from glamour to daddy’s little she-devil, amanda is a true actress.

you’ve already started working on your next book, eat this. quite the prolific photographer! what will this book be like?

a clash of cultures. imagine two trains on one track. the first train, the ‘hollywood express,’ carrying supermodels and celebrities, famous and infamous. and, the second train, the ‘redneck nougat,’ carrying trailer trash, convicts and drug addicts. imagine if these two trains were to collide creating a super sexy mess. a scorching hot mockumentary of our society, showing us that white trash has never looked so hot!

if you could select three new celebrities to photograph next, who would you choose. and, why?

uma thurman. love her look and she looks like she would go all out to get the shot! i have been in love with her since ‘kill bill.’ brad pitt, for all of the obvious reasons. i prefer him trashy, not classy. and, amy winehouse, since i’m sure it would be a crazy experience!


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