amanda lepore dabblin’ in acting again!

good evening boys & girls! every time i can post about amanda lepore i will! gosh – i find her so damn intriguing – she’s almost like an alien tranny from planet david lachapelle– you cannot help but check out her hotness twice – just look at her below! (meeting amanda must be a totally surreal experience!) ms. lepore made her film debut in party monster and now she’s all set to be a part of shifting the canvas where she’ll make a cameo appearance alongside her gay rapper buddy (the super hot) cazwell! anyways i hope everyone had a decent enough monday (that’s all we can really hope for – my motto is usually ‘things could be worse’ – which my pal joey can attest to!) this week i do have a few things coming up which i’m quite excited about and of course i’ll fill you all in very soon! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

get out your movie tickets, buttered popcorn and high heels. amanda lepore will be hitting the silver screen! the uber famous celebutante will be making her first feature film cameo, since 2003’s “party monster,” in the exceedingly buzzworthy “shifting the canvas,” in a memorable and colorful scene in which a mélange of bourgeois and urban hipsters intermingle at a loft party.

set in williamsburg, brooklyn, the independent film, written and directed by award-winning director chuck griffith, seeks to tell a contemporary tale about the evolutionary impact that gentrification imposes upon art and originality. “in a film that seeks to define new york’s identity in a post-9/11 world, we absolutely had to include amanda lepore as part of the tapestry that is new york’s nightlife,” said griffith. “while the movie has many dramatic elements, amanda’s return to the big screen will add a dose of fun and glamour to an otherwise stark tale.”

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