no one thrilled me – except jasmine trias – of course fantasia – and mr george huff – that boys voice is amazing – twill be interesting to see the theme for next week – will fill you in as soon as i know – i voted for jasmine and fantasia tonight – i loved how simon apologized to george huff – he should be thrilled – can you remember when he last apologized – i think never –

oh janet – you were EXTREMELY gracious on dave last night – he wouldnt stop grilling you on the infamous tit incident – but you smiled – looked amazing and yr like in yr forties right? damn girl you best work it – you look hot – so excited to catch you on friday – was a bit bummed janet didnt sing on dave – they had that awful awful boy john mayer on…

ok cant i just see fucking leave the kennedys ALONE – this asshole (cute yes but a prick for SURE) – michael bergin – former baywatch star and ck undie model – is going ‘public’ with his affair with god rest her soul carolyn bissett kennedy – just leave well enough alone – do we need to hear this – oh camelot – yr family has been cursed for so long – i hope these parasites can just let you all rest in peace – god bless jackie – forever queen of camelot – no one could be more classy than her – a true american goddess and personal hero!

trailers – trailers – everywhere – i have become obsessed with watching movie trailers on line – i watched SHREK 2 – this looks like pure bliss! – i caught TROJAN – with triple whammy hotties brad pitt, orlando bloom, and eric bana – and i also spied CARLA AND CONNIE with nia vardalos and toni collette as two chicks on the lam that head to hollywood and become ‘drag queen’ stars – women playing men – playing women – gosh we havent had this much transgender fun as julie andrews in the classic (caught it on bway before julie lost her voice – the movie rules – the show sucked) VICTOR/VICTORIA…speaking of bway – the incomparable ms patti lupone is doing a show at the roosevelt hotel here in hollywood – with a seating of only a mere 130 – this boy needs to see patti – in my last experience with patti was seeing her in MASTER CLASS about the amazing opera star maria callas – this was right around the time when madge’s EVITA was released – i waited for patti – just to ask her what she thought of madonna’s evita – she shot me an infamous patti glance – with a look to kill – all i could say was ‘ YOUR ‘RAINBOW HIGH’ KICKS ASS!!!!!!’

ok im outtie – you all know madge is coming to town – but the god PRINCE just added a second show in LA – and i have seen madonna – but i have never seen PRINCE – and dudes you all just so know how prince RULES!!!!!!! i think i may have to investigate THAT ticket situation!

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