american idol finale (pt 1)

oh boys + girls – it all comes down to american idol tonight and tomorrow – hollywood/highland is buzzing with idol things – and i ran into shaun robinson this morning from ‘access hollywood’ – she looked great – tall and gorgeous – and no i didn’t ask her how sleazy pat o’brien was…anyways it’s here – i’m semi-excited – i know it will be a bo bice landslide – poor carrie underwood – she will be fine though – and as a special item of interest – popbytes MAY (or may not) be on tv tomorrow night – during the pre-final special over on TV GUIDE channel at 7pm…not sure – but hoping as i was interviewed randomly on the street last week – they sure pulled the right person! you will know it’s me based on the blonde mohawk! anyways get set to see the final performances tonight – and check out the picture below – doesn’t it look like they just me in some dive bar and snapped a picture – they just look odd to me – anyways popbytes out for now! xxoo

Now we have one more week. A few more performances from each and then millions of votes will pour in. On Wednesday, May 25 at 8/7c, America will sit down for the two-hour season finale and complete the line of American Idols. Kelly. Ruben. Fantasia. Bo? Carrie?

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